Simply Group is a dedicated provider of Compliance, Risk, Training and Business Support services.


We specialise in Financial Services Legislation, services and consulting and assist with the Companies and Close Corporations Acts, Protection of Personal Information Act, National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act, Labour legislation and general human resources. Our passion is to help you comply in a practical, easy way, adding value to your business operations and bottom line.


Our approach is conservative yet practical, where compliance is seen to be part of standard operating procedures, with integrated controls, not distinctly separate from business practice.


The aim is to enhance your business practice and bottom line, whilst balancing appropriate risk mitigation and ensuring that your interests are protected.

Simply Group specialises in the following services:


We are a registered compliance practice with the Financial Services Board and are mandated to provide outsourced compliance for both Category I and Category II FSP’s.


Our clients include insurance companies, cell captives, brokerages, underwriting management agencies, Category II FSPs, motor dealerships and other business entities outside the financial services arena.


We provide a fair, value driven and independent service to you, so that you can pursue your profitable goals whilst at the same time allowing us ours.


Let us help you take the complexity out of compliance and give you the tools you need. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


Simply Comply is supported by Simply Learn.


We offer a range of short courses (NOT NQF aligned) including general FAIS and FICA awareness courses and Treating Customers Fairly training. CPD interventions are also available.


Practical lessons include “FICA”, “How to properly complete a record of advice”, “Managing Complaints Fairly and Effectively”, “Avoiding or Managing Conflicts of Interest”, “Treating Customers Fairly” and preparation for regulatory exams, amongst others.


Courses are offered as online training interventions, which can be purchased from our site, which provide you with the convenience of 24-hour access, as well as instant accreditation and certification. Various short courses and training interventions are also offered on an adhoc classroom-based basis


Specialised insurance, provided in an easy to understand, practical and efficient framework has been found to be in demand and we can assist with this. We adopt a “blue ocean” positioning strategy, which provides us with our differential advantage. We focus on matchless levels of required service and support with trusted brands. Service and communication within remarkable timeframes are critical elements of our profile and are currently what sets us apart.


We have a strong focus on “Treating Customers Fairly” and have developed processes to assist you in complying with this and maximizing your competitive advantage. Although this initiative is driven in the financial services industry, it applies to any organization, and when correctly applied, can only add to a business’ reputation and bottom line.

Do you require Compliance, Risk, Training and/or Business Support services?

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Do you require Compliance, Risk, Training and/or Business Support services?

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